Conference Room

Your first day will include an onboarding session with HR and your supervisor.

The MS Exchange and your Calendar


Everything we do here is driven by your MS O365 Outlook calendar.  This is where your meeting invites are sent.

JPSys Resources


Slide decks,  the JPSys Manuals, policies and more intriguing  internal resources are located in the Bamboo HR Files tab as well as the JPSys_Central team.

Timesheet Instructions

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Fill out your timecard daily. Please download the timesheet instructions below.

The Pulse

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Our quarterly newsletter is called 'The Pulse'.  It is sent out by email to our employees.


Frequently Asked Questions

For common employee questions, please scroll down to see the list below.


See JPSys_Central team under the Files tab for more manuals and policies.


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1. How can I thrive in a 100% virtual environment?

There are three keys to balancing a virtual work lifestyle: Discipline, Organization and Work priorities.  Set a serious goal of getting up, getting dressed, and getting into 'work' on time. Develop a work schedule with a fixed start and stop time for working each day. Every day, check your calendar first thing to review your schedule as meeting times can change often and new meetings will pop up.

Be prepared for your virtual meetings by arriving 3 minutes early. Keep your calendar up to date by watching for emails with meeting invites. Meeting invite emails are labeled with a tiny meeting icon which is a calendar with two people in front of it.  Accept the meeting invites to let the meeting organizer know you will attend by clicking “Accept”. Some meetings will be optional, and others will be required. If a meeting is required, you do not have a choice about accepting the invite to the meeting.

2. What training opportunities are available to me?

The company training page is: where we have websites with hundred of thousands of virtual classes.  Check with your project manager about approval levels for class costs.    Many free training classes are available in our vendor portals or in YouTube. Take advantage of online training classes to familiarize yourself with new apps in the Microsoft Office 365 environment or learn best practices for managing your Outlook email.  Training that has not been specifically assigned to you is not chargeable on your timesheet to the company. It is expected that employees have a basic understanding of MS Office including Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Excel.

3. What do I do if I am double booked – i.e., I have two meetings at the same time?

If you are double booked during a time slot and are not sure which meeting to attend, please contact your supervisor so they can help you decide which meeting is a higher priority for you at this time.

4. Who do I contact with specific questions?

Refer to the “JPSys Who to Contact” sheet in the JPSys_Central Team under the General channel, in the “Who to Contact” folder. This folder contains the contact list which may be given to subcontractors.  If you need help, please contact [email protected] for more information.

5. When will I receive my electronic equipment?

Once Human Resources has received your completed background check, pre-employment drug test and has received approval from E-Verify (I-9), your electronic equipment will be released to you.   Confirm that HR has your current street address and be sure to be available to accept the shipment.

6. What are the JPSYS pay periods?

The first pay day is on the 10th of every month for services performed from the 16th to the end of the previous month. The second payday is on the 25th of every month for services performed during the previous pay period, which is the 1st to the 15th of the month. This JPSys semi-monthly pay schedule is made up of 24 pay periods per year.

If the 10th or the 25th pay day falls on a Saturday, the pay date will be the previous day. If the 10th or the 25th falls on a Sunday or a holiday, the payroll will be run and deposited the next business day.

7. Who do I contact if there is a problem with my paycheck?

Please contact the Finance Dept. at [email protected] with any questions on the dollar amounts or the PTO amounts shown.

8. How do I view my paycheck stubs for direct deposit?

You will receive a login to view your pay stubs on the Redwing Pay Advice website.  After each payroll is run, you will get an email with a link to login to this portal so you can view your paycheck stub.  The email will indicate that it comes from an "approved whitelisted source" so you know the link is safe.

9. When am I eligible for the group health insurance?

You are eligible for group insurance on the 1st of the month following the first full month of service.

10. How do I make changes to my benefit elections?

Changes can be made to your benefit elections (medical, dental, life and vision) during open enrollment each year, or if you have a qualifying event during the plan year. Contact Human Resources for a new enrollment form and for what constitutes a qualifying event.

11. When am I eligible for the J P Systems 401k?

You are eligible for the 401k on the 1st of the month following 6 full months of service.

12. How do I see my 401(k)  plan balance?

You will receive login instructions for logging into the website of Aspire, J P Systems’ Third-Party Administrator:

13. How do I change my 401(k) beneficiary?

Request a new beneficiary form from Human Resources.  These forms are processed inside of our HR portal for security.

14. How often will I receive a performance review?

Formal reviews are currently conducted once per year at the time of your work anniversary.

15. Is there an educational assistance program?

Yes, there is a tuition reimbursement program of up to $1500 per year after six months of service. The course must be related to your current or future planned work with J P Systems.  This is for college classes. For classes other than those from an accredited college or university, use our JPSys Professional Development Program for reimbursement.

16. How can I use my floating holiday?

You can use the floating holiday on any normal workday with proper notice by email to your supervisor OR you can use the default floating day which is Columbus Day. If you take your floating holiday on a day other than Columbus Day, be sure to mark it as “Floating Holiday” on your timesheet notes for that day.

17. How do I request Paid Time Off (PTO) and how far in advance is a request needed?

Requests for vacation and sick paid time off are made via Bamboo HR. The Bamboo HR system displays your accrued PTO totals so you can check them before making a request. Please check to make sure you have sufficient time accrued before requesting the time off. We ask that you provide three weeks’ notice for vacation requests. Sick time off requests should be submitted by 10 AM on the day you are sick, or as soon as you know in advance if you are having a medical procedure.  Your do not have to submit approval requests for Federal holidays. Holidays are pre-approved and automatically accrue on January 1st for full time employees eligible for PTO.

18. How do I report an IT issue?

You can request help from the IT Support Help Desk by emailing [email protected] or by calling EAW Tech at 1 (540 ) EAW-TECH. You may also request login access to the IT Issue Tracker portal to request technical support – for either hardware or software. Please contact the IT Support Help Desk for a login and training.

19. What Holidays does J P Systems observe?

We follow the Federal holiday calendar, and it is located on the Employee Notices page of the J P Systems website

20. How do I request my paid Volunteer day?

Request a Volunteer Day form from Human Resources. Please contact HR for the form or send the request to [email protected]. The Volunteer Day must be used for an IRS approved public charity. Political parties are not eligible. We love to see pictures of you helping the charity on your fun day!

21. Does J P Systems have an employee referral program, and how does it work?

Yes, open positions will be posted on and on Bamboo HR. You are encouraged to recommend and refer qualified candidates for employment with J P Systems, Inc. If you know of someone who would like to work with us, we will gladly consider them for employment. You can get an Employee Referral Form from your supervisor. Should your candidate be hired by J P Systems, Inc. for a full-time regular position, and if that person satisfactorily completes the Introductory Period (3 months), you will receive a $500.00 bonus for the referral. This bonus entitlement does not apply to individuals who are normally responsible for recruiting and hiring functions. To qualify for the bonus, you must register your name as the referring party for the prospect. Please contact Human Resources for information on how to do this.

22. How can I know my co-workers’ schedules?

The Staff Availability chart shows everyone’s typical schedule and is pinned at the top of the Files tab of JPSys_Central under the General channel. You can also login to Bamboo HR and see who is out of the office on a given day.

23. How do I look up the last time CrashPlan ran a backup?

1)  Locate and open the local CrashPlan application on your laptop.

2)  Click on the Start Menu in the bottom left corner of your screen, and then begin typing: CrashPlan and select this app. Or from the task bar at the bottom right of your screen, click on the ^icon. Then you can right click on the CrashPlan blue folder icon from your task bar or overflow. The CrashPlan app will show the last time it ran and where it is backing up.

3)  You may be prompted to login. Enter your current CrashPlan credentials. Your username is your email address. If you do not know your login info, contact your IT Support Team ([email protected]) and they will coordinate to reset your login password. Once you have successfully logged in, you should see a welcome screen.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, reach out to Human Resources at [email protected].

Thank you!