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Why Data Standardization?

In order to move data at the speed of care between providers, data must be standardized by mapping it to international terminology standards such as SNOMED CT, MED-RT or LOINC.  In this way, the coded data beneath the data on user's screens will be understandable and usable when they are received by another provider. The exchange of medication information between DoD’s CDR and the VA’s HDR allows EHR systems to perform patient safety checks on complete data and help providers at each agency make more informed clinical decisions at the point of care.

Access to shared patients' integrated medication records from both agencies’ electronic health record systems can decrease adverse drug events, prevent adverse medication effects, increase patient safety, and assist clinicians in providing continued care for the shared patient population.

Is your clinical data in a silo which prevents patient safety checks?

  • Do you need to exchange data with other providers?
  • Do you need to standardize your medication data?
  • Do you need help with semantic interoperability?
  • Do you need help with data or terminology mapping?

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