J P Systems, Inc.

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J P Systems, Inc. provides professional services for clinical data quality improvement, requirements analysis, HL7 standards development, data architecture, IT policy and strategy consulting, stakeholder engagement and business analysis. We facilitate enterprise to enterprise data exchanges and perform interoperability planning.

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Information Architecture

Information Architecture

J P Systems, Inc. is a small business in our primary NAICS code providing professional services for IT architecture, business analysis, requirements analysis, UML information modeling, and data standards development. We also facilitate stakeholder meetings and inter-agency collaboration, IT strategy and enterprise service architecture.

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Healthcare IT Interoperability

Healthcare IT Interoperability

We specialize in Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) consulting including HL7 healthcare data standards development, standardized medical terminologies, terminology matching, HIT strategy, policy and interoperability planning.

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J P Systems, Inc.

35 Years of Experience

How to keep your IT costs within budget:

Company Philosophy

Technical Expertise

SME's are us! Our senior personnel perform in multiple roles such as business analysis, stake holder engagement, requirements analysis and business architecture. We form custom teams of IT experts and clinicians to provide you with a total solution for your Healthcare IT needs.

Financial Stability

Solid since 1983. We hold ourselves to the highest standard of ethics in every aspect of our business.

Cost Controls

Controlling project costs is not just a matter of deleting line items we can live without or short-changing the testing or documentation budget. It is our whole approach to IT design. That finesse only comes from many years of lessons learned.

Business Continuity Plan

We have a written and time tested Business Continuity Plan.

On Time Delivery

Successful IT programs require a magic combination of technical talent, client knowledge, time and budget. Our 35 years of deep experience qualifies us as your best choice to guide you through the complex challenges of Healthcare IT data standards, data architecture and interoperability planning.