Business Partners

Together with our strategic business partners, we are changing the way government agencies function in the twenty-first century. We combine our efforts in IT structures, data models and workflows which undergird Clinical Decision Support systems for healthcare providers. All the while, we are improving the lives of Veterans. We bring finely tuned technology solutions empowered to change outcomes.

Better Data, Better Patient Care, Better Outcomes

Our partnerships and collaboration drive innovation and advances technology. We leverage the deep expertise of our supplier base and ensure that every solution delivers mission success. Our suppliers are critical to the success of J P Systems. Similarly, our partners share our client focused commitment and embody the same dedication to the mission of the interoperability of healthcare data. They are committed to making the world safer, healthier, and more efficient through technology. Constantly these companies have demonstrated proven, low risk proven solutions.

In the Federal health ecosystem teaming, is an essential part of delivering a complete solution to our clients. For each contract vehicle we develop a unique team full of the capabilities to address the problems faced. We select our business partners based on their capabilities to address gaps and fill surge requirements.

The complexity of solutions range from:

  • Architectural solutions
  • Clinical data management
  • Continuous testing
  • Data quality improvement
  • Internal and external partner engagement
  • Interoperability planning
  • Data standards development
  • Implementation
  • User training

Do you have capabilities complementary to our own? We highly value our Federal business partners and work with them to develop the best possible teams to respond to our Federal clients' current requirements. If you would like to become a strategic partner with us, please contact the Marketing Department at: [email protected] or call +1 (703) 825-0918.


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