Upcoming Legislation - How will it affect your organization?

We provide consulting for legislative compliance for healthcare. Often our clients do not have the time to read and comprehend the implications of the thousands of pages which comprise a piece of legislation. We study the legislation for them and analyze how a new law could affect a commercial business or a Federal agency. We notify clients of deadlines for the submission of comments and the link location for that. We then help our client compose and submit comments on proposed legislation. Then when the final rules are issued, we help analyze the changes and the impact of the changes. Then we meet with clients to discuss our findings and develop strategic road maps.

One such piece of legislation is the ONC Cures Act, which implements interoperability requirements outlined in the Cures Act.  Patients need more power in their health care, and access to information  is key to making that happen.

Putting the patient first in health technology enables the health care system to deliver:

Transparency into the cost and outcomes of their care

  • Competitive options in getting medical care
  • Modern smartphone apps to provide them convenient access to their records
  • An app economy that provides patients, physicians, hospitals, payers, and employers with innovation and choice

The Cures Act affects, doctors, hospitals, patients and IT developers.

Do you have a Change Management Plan for the Cures Act? Speak with a policy or legislative analyst.

Cert Information Blocking Infographic