Are you ready for 21st Century Cures Act compliance?

Federal Policy and Strategy Approach: our healthcare clients rely on us for hitting their business goals in an everchanging world!  We develop plans, policies and strategies for patient safety, Clinical Decision Support systems, clinical data interoperability, Knowledge Based Systems and other enterprise-wide goals using international data standards. This enables patient data to be sent outside of a provider's electronic patient records system to another organization with an entirely different patient records system. All that we do is for the end goal of the interoperability of clinical data.  

Have multiple layers of stakeholders in your enterprise with competing priorities? Where do operations people go when there is no clear path upwards? Is your organization in need of a review to align it to new enterprise goals? Need to support adoption of new systems with targeted policies?


A High Reliability Organization (HRO) defines management outcomes to achieve error-free performance and safety in every procedure, every time — all while operating in complex, high-risk or hazardous environments. We provide consultations to define and implement HRO priorities for your organization.