For the Lighthouse - VHA API Developer Platform -(VADP) for AMPL GUI, we supported API developers in the standardization of data accessed by APIs through HL7 FHIR.  VADP, formerly known as Lighthouse, is a project that extracts data from the VA Clinical Data Warehouse (CDW) and provides that data to application developers via APIs. Through terminology engagement, CDW data extracts can be matched to FHIR standards. By providing guidance on how to transform legacy (native) VA healthcare data into a standard format for data exchange (interoperability) using HL7 FHIR, J P Systems was able to analyze CDW and other data files and applied knowledge and expertise of HL7 FHIR standards. We therefore, provided matchings and guidance, describing how to align CDW data to relevant FHIR data elements.

Both Lighthouse and are aspects of VA’s digital modernization strategy. Lighthouse began by using the same high-quality APIs as and making them useful across VA and for third-party developers. Using experiences and lessons learned from private sector and government agencies, like the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ Blue Button 2.0 project, we support a modern developer experience that is on par with top private sector companies.

On a current project, we run the FHIR Community  of Practice : VA API Platform | Patient Health API (FHIR) Documentation