Our VHA VHIE Clinical Data Quality team reaches out to the thousands of private hospital systems and clinics who exchange data with the Joint Health Information Exchange (JHIE).  We provide clinical data quality analysis on various domains (such as allergies) and trace the origins of bad data coming into the VHA enterprise. We examine data in clinical documents (CDAs) exchanged in the JHIE and compare the file contents to the expected contents specified in the HL7 CDA standard.  We find patterns of the origins of bad data and their causes to determine if data is being sent and interpreted accurately between the VHA and Cerner Millennium, DoD, community provider partners.

We analyze data exchange problems and perform a root cause analysis. Then we engage with external and internal data exchange partners to help rectify them. Our unique approach is to use a highly qualified and well rounded team of Data Scientists, Clinicians, Data Standards Specialists, Health Systems Specialists to produce a plan for improvement and stakeholder engagement.