This contract vehicle was awarded in 2021 to J P Systems as a single award IDIQ. It was a follow on to our 2015 vehicle. J P Systems performs informatic services for clinical data management which includes a large variety of professional services. We develop international HL7 data standards, provide support for clinical terminology standards, data quality improvement and enterprise architecture. Additionally, we assist the Veteran’s Health Administration in establishing a common framework for the functional and semantic interoperability of reusable health information. This work directly supports Clinical Decision Support and Patient Safety systems. These project summaries describe the major work streams for the Terminology Standards Support IDIQ. We have received 15 task order awards on this IDIQ which has a ceiling of 120 M. J P Systems has received excellent CPARS ratings for the 10 completed task orders by the Program and Contract Offices.

These Federal Health IT projects also provide guidance to VA software project teams in Health Informatics and the use of terminology standards. On the precursor to this IDIQ, J P Systems received 41 task orders on our single award $100M ceiling IDIQ from the Veterans Health Administration. Specifically, both these IDIQ task orders support CIDMO's Knowledge Based Systems (KBS) group and the VHIE Program Office.

J P Systems assists in establishing a common framework for the functional and semantic interoperability. Consequently, interoperability frameworks make clinical data available to multiple providers and care teams. This intelligent, reusable health information benefits providers, nursing informatics projects, Clinical Decision Support and Patient Safety Systems. The major work streams are described in these project summaries.


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Terminology standards: Physician examining a screen with patient health record