Management Center of Excellence (MCoE)


Empowering Leaders for Excellence

The MCoE is a training program for those who want to either explore a new career in management,
or who would like to further develop their current management skills.


Our Management Center of Excellence (MCoE) program will help you decide if management is a good career choice. As a participant, you will benefit from an overview of the foundations of project management and improve your management skills. This course will enable you to increase your professional acumen while also improving how you interact and communicate with your team. Learn how to guide your staff to optimize outcomes and increase employee satisfaction. 

How to sign up for the MCoE:  An MCoE Open House is held in December to allow visitors to experience a class. Request an application from HR by emailing: [email protected].

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Learn About the Following Topics

  • Motivating your team members
  • Responsibilities of a leader
  • Boundaries and delegation
  • Coaching and communication skills
  • Framing difficult conversations
  • Defining metrics for motivation
  • CMMI and continuous process improvement
  • Risk management and mitigation
  • Hiring and employee evaluations
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems

Become a Student in the Management Center of Excellence!

The Management Center of Excellence (MCoE) is a specialized training program within the J P Systems professional development programs that brings together highly skilled individuals and experts from diverse backgrounds to drive excellence within specific areas of the organization.

1. Definition and Purpose:

  • The MCoE trains managers and future managers in leading-edge Management Science and competency in particular domains.
  • It operates horizontally across business units and product lines, disseminating knowledge, best practices, and expertise throughout the organization.
  • The primary purpose of the MCoE is to enhance performance, innovation, and efficiency in the chosen area with mentorship and classroom training.

2. Student Benefits

  • Access to a highly experienced business mentor 
  • Unlimited subscription to Udemy Business Suite 
  • Free book and video classes 
  • Bi-weekly live virtual classes

3. Areas of Focus:

  • Recruiting, Interviewing and Hiring
  • Annual Reviews, Bonuses, and Salary Recommendations
  • Team Building, Motivation, and Development
  • Facilitation, Problem Solving, and Decision making Methodologies
  • Managing a Virtual Workforce
  • Active Listening and Communication
  • Federal Contracting Basics
  • Ethics: Sharing best practices related to integrity and ethical conduct

The Management Center of Excellence serves as a hub for expertise, fostering collaboration, problem solving, and driving excellence across the organization. If you would like to be a candidate, please have a conversation with HR.



"I've been able to implement some of the skills and utilize the resouces materials into my task order with the team."

"This course brought many of these familiar themes to the forefront of my mind again with the opportunity to gain insight from the perspective of others in our field which I am new to."

"This class has given me tools to utilize to further my career as a manager. Such as leading a team and listening skills, conflict resolution, there are many more I could list" 

Course Description:

MCoE 101 - The First Time Manager This is an introductory class to the basics of management 




Specific Objectives:

  1. Become managers who lead and coach high-performing teams which continually improve.
  2. Increase employee engagement and problem solving skills of your team.
  3. Learn about the CMMI standard for process improvement.
  4. Develop the skill of managing, motivating, and developing employees as their manager.
  5. Obtain a JPSys Management Skills Certification in Developing People, Leading Teams, and Improving Processes in the Hybrid Work Culture.
  6. Start work towards obtaining a PMP certification.
  7. Other topics: understanding these subjects: ISO 9001, the JPSys Affirmative Action Plans (AAP), the JPSys Project Launch Process PLATES, and Hiring Processes.
  8. Patterns for Healthy Communications – Using the THINK acronym. Using the ‘When You Say X’ Pattern.
  9. Conflict Resolution Techniques.