HIMSS 2022: The Importance of Standards-Based Data Exchange

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This year’s HIMSS conference will feature a number of sessions on data standardization and health information exchange. Before you go to HIMSS, we want to help you better understand what standards-based data exchange looks like and why it’s important for healthcare. It might give you some incentive to attend a session or two. We all agree that…

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What is an API really?

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APIs for … Intelligent People! We love the Dummies© series of books, but being unfamiliar with something new does not a dummy make.  For perspective, here are some background facts about the three biggest realms in science affecting economic activity over the last 2000 years: 1. Medicine – Hippocratic Oath, (350 BC) 2. Business Finance…

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HL7 Da Vinci Project: Industry Analysis of Communications

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by Jackie Mulrooney, President, J P Systems, Inc.  Healthcare IT Industry Analysis Payer and Provider Collaboration: What it Could Mean for Your Hospital Mining Payer Data for Better Patient Care Coordination  Clinical information must move to best serve the needs of patients and providers. In all the Healthcare IT ecosystem, it is often the payers…

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