Chatting with AI: Effective Communication Tips

Chatbot assistant on a smartphone.

              AI is growing in relevance every day in every field. But to effectively use a chatbot like ChatGPT-4, you must be able to competently converse with it. We need to learn how these chatbots want to receive our input and refine our instructions. AI and Machine Learning (ML) employ neural networks. Neural networks are…

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The Importance of High Quality Data for AI Reliability

An artistic colorful abstract

Garbage in = Garbage Out = High Risk  By Lindsay Westervelt  J P Systems, Inc. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a hot topic right now in healthcare for numerous reasons. Namely, AI has the potential to reduce clinical burnout and fatigue by improving Clinical Decision Support.  AI uses Machine Learning to create predictive logic and “act”…

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The Importance of a Nursing Data Framework

Doctors rushing a patient

By Dr. Luann Whittenburg, RN, PMP, FHIMSS   A Nursing Data Framework can give healthcare providers a way to garner business intelligence to save money and reduce risk by improving workflows, load leveling personnel schedules, and improving patient safety.  With more than 4 million nurses in the U.S., nurses are the largest clinical segment of the U.S. healthcare…

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