AVAIL Contract Vehicle


The Accelerating VA Innovation and Learning (AVAIL) IDIQ vehicle allows the VA Office of Healthcare Innovation and Learning (OHIL) to access to a wide array of contemporary technologies and expertise. Additionally, the VHA seeks to improve clinical care delivery across the Veterans Health Administration (VHA).  

Seventeen prime companies won spots on a potential five year $650 million contract to provide subject matter expertise. Notably, these firms are thought leaders in advancing technologies for clinical care. They support the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to design, build and test novel platforms, services and care models that could be scaled into clinical production.  The VA named its industry partners for the  Accelerating VA Innovation and Learning  program in separate notices posted on SAM.gov.

“The AVAIL – Accelerating VA Innovation and Learning – contract serves as an opportunity to further VA’s long-standing tradition as a pioneer in medical innovation and VHA’s journey towards excelling as a learning organization by offering VHA, and the Office of Healthcare Innovation and Learning, the availability to augment its ongoing design, development, and testing efforts around healthcare innovation,” the solicitation says.

AVAIL Contract Vehicle Objectives 

The goal of the AVAIL vehicle focuses on transforming Veteran healthcare through breakthrough innovative technologies, methodologies, and personalization. 

Consequently, the Office of Healthcare Innovation and Learning (OHIL) has identified 5 major innovation task areas of focus: (1) Personalized Care; (2) Data Transformation; (3) Digital Care; (4) Immersive Technology; and (5) Care and Service Delivery Models. AVAIL will augment VHA and OHIL's capacity, through subject matter expertise, to design, develop and test novel solutions in a real-world setting. The goal of the Veterans Health Administration is to ensure that solutions create meaningful value for VHA clinicians, administrators, caregivers, and most importantly, Veterans, before being scaled into clinical production. 

The VA is the largest integrated health care system in the United States. It has previously used technology such as wearable technologies, AI, 3-D printing, and telehealth capabilities to drive innovation in the healthcare market.

AVAIL Contract Vehicle Details

Award Date Sep 30, 2022 

Predecessor None 

Last Date To Order Sep 29, 2027 

Name  UEI  Primary NAICS         
 Deloitte Consulting LLP  CKV2L9GZKJK3  541611         

$650.0m Shared Ceiling 

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