J P Systems, Inc.

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Purple Squirrel Awards 2019

Congratulations to the 2019 Purple Squirrel nominees in the following categories:

Administrative: Jodee Hecht, Summer Morton, Erin Regonini, Gay Stahr and Lindsay Westervelt

Technical: Lisa Erickson, Selam Fekade, Lynne Harbin, Dawn Klein, Jay Lyle, Nina Mitchell, Pam Noble, Gay Stahr and Marie Swall

Managerial: Janel Downing, Lisa Erickson, Donna Freedman, Lynne Harbin and Ginna Yost And the Winners Are ... Administrative: Lindsay Westervelt, Technical: Donna Redley, Managerial: Janel Downing. CONGRATS!

Those Mysterious Pay Check Stub Leave Totals

The leaves listed on your pay stubs show the YEAR TO DATE hours accrued and used for holidays, sick and vacation. The figures shown use your hire anniversary date as the start of the year - not the calendar year. If you are being paid for leave time on this pay check, this is shown under the Earnings Section. The leave year is set up this way as your vacation hours accrual rate will increase after certain anniversary dates. See the JPSYS Employee Manual's Paid Leave section for more information or contact HR.

Who To Contact

The company contact list can be downloaded from the Bamboo HR Files tab in the 'New Employee' sub-folder. It contains both important JPSYS internal and vendor contact info.


Volunteer Day

A friendly reminder to select your IRS recognized charity and date for this year if you wish to participate in this program. Please ask Erin for the application form. Check your Bamboo HR email to process the form.


401k Financial Planning

Kyle Webber of Quartz Partners, the J P Systems’ 401(k) plan administrator, offers free 401(k) planning advice to all J P Systems employees. Quartz will provide a review of your current investments, review your current goals, and provide guidance about your investments. If you are interested in a consultation with Quartz Partners, please contact Kyle Webber or Erin and indicate you are a J P Systems employee. Is it time for a review now? Log in to your Aspire portal and take a look at your investments.


United Healthcare Benefits

United Healthcare Offers "Virtual Visits" Visit https://tinyurl.com/semocku to learn more about this convenient benefit, which allows you to access a doctor 24/7, via video, for common ailments such as flu, fever, headaches and more!


United Healthcare "Real Appeal" Wellness Program United Healthcare offers a free wellness program to help members lose weight through a calorie counting app, an exercise program, and weekly coaching sessions. Jackie has had tremendous success with this program, reaching her goal weight in just nine weeks! See https://tinyurl.com/qm4y2zd for more information on this awesome benefit.