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J P Systems, Inc. Celebrates C-CDA Interoperability Advancement


With extensive background in Clinical Systems Analysis, J P Systems, Inc. subject matter experts helped achieve a key milestone contributing to improved Veteran’s access to their own personal health records via “My HealtheVet”. My HealtheVet now provides Veterans nationwide with a clincial document summarizing their care called a C-CDA CCD. My HealtheVet, (MHV), aims to provide veterans with a summary of their overall health and medical information that can be used for sharing with VA and non-VA clinicians. In particular, My HealtheVet’s VA Continuity of Care document (CCD) provides Veterans access to their health records and enables sharing of that information in a way that assures the records can be used by most non-VA clinicians the Veteran may choose to visit. Marie Swall contributed significant efforts on the My HealtheVet project, making sure that the CCD met requirements for national standards and for the needs of MHV for national deployment. Currently about 3 million Veterans now have access to their health record directly from My HealtheVet. This new capability should have a significant impact on Veterans’ health continuity of care. Aside from this recent success, the President of J P Systems Jackie Mulrooney states, “Marie Swall reliably delivers extraordinary work and products to J P Systems Inc. and has been a great asset to the value of the solutions delivered by J P System’s and our reputation with our government clients”. About J P Systems: Headquartered in Clifton, VA, J P Systems, Inc. (www.JPSys.com) is one of Northern Virginia’s leading Healthcare IT Solutions providers to the Federal Government.


Nov 13, 2017 from Cision PR Newswire

PRESS RELEASE J P Systems Awarded $100M from the V.A. For Foundational Data Standards Work

Oct 12, 2015, 08:35 E. T. from Street Insider

CLIFTON, Va., Oct. 12, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- J P Systems, Inc. was awarded a $100 million (ceiling) contract from the Veteran's Administration to standardize medical terminologies.  The overall purpose of the work is that of patient safety. When doctors use standard terms, healthcare providers all over the world are better able to understand the details of patient records written by different doctors over many decades, even in different countries and languages. Continuity and accuracy count a great deal.


As Dr. Robert M. Califf, Vice Chancellor for Clinical Research from Duke University says: "People are dying because we don't use the same names for the same things!"


Careful planning enables the VA and private provider's computer systems to be able to understand each other when data is exchanged. The visible result of our work is to standardize the contents of the drop down lists shown during data entry of patient data.  

Standards create the needed foundation for a body of knowledge that can be used by doctors at different clinics and hospitals to make decisions for Veteran's healthcare.  It also forms the basis of continuity for reliable clinical research, public health and long range planning activities.

According to the JP Systems President, Jackie Mulrooney, "Our vision for Healthcare IT is to enable shareable medical records to improve the quality of patient care for all ages from NICs to nursing homes. Exchanging clinical data is an enormous challenge both semantically and syntactically." This work, which was awarded, is a five-year roll up of several existing contracts including Medical Terminology Standards Development, advanced modeling work, terminology matching, terminology consulting and maintenance of the National Drug File (the NDF-RT).


About J P Systems, Inc.

The J P Systems' owners are a husband and wife team, Jackie and Galen Mulrooney.  J P Systems was founded in 1983 by Jackie Mulrooney. Recognized as a top provider of services in support of Healthcare IT, medical terminology and Interoperability, J P Systems provides professional services to facilitate enterprise-to-enterprise data exchange through Model Driven Architecture (MDA) and UML data modeling. 


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J P Systems, Inc.

Ms. Mulrooney was recently interviewed by David Blackburn at G2Xchange Health, the top social media site for Healthcare IT. 



J P Systems was awarded an 5 years IDIQ with the VA with a 100 million dollar ceiling.  This is a roll up of several contracts including Medical Terminology Standards Development, LEGO modeling, terminology matching, terminology consulting, and maintenance of the NDF-RT. Recognized as a top provider of services in support of Healthcare medical terminology and Interoperability, JPSys provides professional services to facilitate enterprise to enterprise data exchange through Model Driven Architecture (MDA) and UML data modeling. 

Awards and Recognition

Top Influencer

Ms. Mulrooney was named as top influencer on LinkedIn Among Professional Women.

Best of Fairfax Award 2014
Best of Fairfax County Award in the Computer Consultants category

New York, NY, 2014
For 4th consecutive year, J P Systems, Inc. was selected for the 2014 Best of Fairfax County Award in the Computer Consultants category by the U.S. Commerce Association (USCA).

Virginia Excellence Award, USIEC, March 3, 2013

J P Systems Inc has been selected for the 2013 Virginia Excellence Award amongst all its peers and competitors by the US Institute for Excellence in Commerce (USIEC).

Each year the USIEC conducts business surveys and industry research to identify companies that have achieved demonstrable success in their local business environment and industry category. They are recognized as having enhanced the commitment and contribution of small businesses through service to their customers and community. Small businesses of this caliber enhance the consumer driven stature that Virginia is renowned for.

"J P Systems Inc has consistently demonstrated a high regard for upholding business ethics and company values. This recognition by USIEC marks a significant achievement as an emerging leader within various competitors and is setting benchmarks that the industry should follow. As part of the industry research and business surveys, various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the selected companies in each category. This research is part of an exhaustive process that encapsulates a year long immersion in the business climate of Virginia.

Our Vision

Jackie Mulrooney
Jackie Mulrooney, President

Our vision for Healthcare IT is to architect fully shareable medical records to improve the quality of patient care for all ages from NICs to nursing homes. Exchanging clinical data is an enormous challenge both semantically and syntactically. The solutions are many faceted and the costs can be intimidating. But there are standard terminologies which can be referenced, open source architectural tooling, and highly advanced UML model driven techniques with XML to attack these problems. More restrictive and highly functional messaging standards are being developed with HL7's FHIR standard for exchange. Security and privacy are being built into the basic structures of the data. We look forward to an interoperable tomorrow.

Galen Mulrooney
Galen Mulrooney

The work of healthcare IT is a highly complicated process. The intricacies of all the possible diseases, laboratory tests, diagnosis, and treatment processes, along with all the other healthcare domains, make the work of data architecture a monumental task. Subject matter experts are needed in the clinical, technical and business realms to meet together regularly. The IT people must understand what the clinical people do and how they think to enable the computers to serve them. Our vision is to supply those experts in the technical and business realms to capture your processes and skillfully and intelligently implement them in your IT systems.