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Healthcare IT Projects: VA Terminology Standards Support

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IDIQ Program Description and Collateral: Terminology Standards Support IDIQ


For the projects in this five year 100 million dollar IDIQ we support the VA Health Informatics (HI), Knowledge Based Systems (KBS) group. This IDIQ is open to other agencies outside the VA.


We provide expertise for the entire terminology life cycle including matching, terminology set authoring and consultations. This contributes towards establishing a common framework for functional and semantic interoperability by representing and implementing requirements for achieving intelligent, reusable health information. Our subject matter experts engage VA software project teams, such as the next generation electronic health records; VA DOD data sharing to validate technical specifications; and business requirements to ensure that VA’s needs are met and terminology standards are properly implemented. Our team works with business owners to establish well-defined requirements, select appropriate standards, and constrain them accordingly to meet the clients clinical use cases.  We also make recommendations to external VA offices and teams on how to integrate terminology standards and models into current and planned activities.


In addition to helping to shape the terminology-related policies and standards to which VA must eventually comply, these projects provide guidance to VA software development project teams on the use of and ramifications of such standards. We engage with the Office of Nursing Services to define standard terminology for Nursing Flowsheets, and have contributed content to HL7 including a successfully balloted domain analysis model for pressure ulcer risk assessment. J P Systems provides technical medical terminology services for the SNOMED International SDO, the Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes (LOINC) communities, RxNorm and the VHA National Drug File Reference Terminology (NDF-RT).

The primary purpose of these efforts is establish standardized terms and codes for clinical and administrative data in order to: a) enable interoperability among healthcare software systems within and external to VA; and b) enable automation based on such data. Specifically, Clinical Decision Support (CDS) functions and alerting such as drug-allergy or drug-drug interactions can only be achieved by the use of standardized terminology.


1. Medical Terminology Standards Support

A broad based combination of Healthcare IT Terminology Standards Support projects including mapping, SDO engagement and Mapping tasks. Learn More...

2. NDF-RT Maintenance

 This effort maintains the National Drug File – Reference Terminology (NDF-RT) content. The NDF-RT is an extension of the VHA National Drug File (NDF) which organizes the drug list into a formal representation. Learn More...


 3. Native Standardization of Clinical Terms

The project focuses on terminology matching in Radiology, Lab, Medical Devices, Allergies, Text Integration Utilities (TIU), Medications, and Providers. Learn More...

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4. Clinical Terminology Matching

This project involved clinical and senior terminology analysts who performed terminology matching and quality assurance work.

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5. Nursing Documentation Program Support

J P System creates terminology mappings for the office of the Chief Nursing Informatics Officer (OCNIO). It now focuses on mapping of Clinical Care Classification (CCC) System terminology for skin integrity. Learn More...

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6. Data Quality Management Terminology Standards Support

The Veterans Health Information Exchange (VHIE) receives clinical CDA documents with small variations from external trading partners. This project increases the quality of the data received from external partners in structured documents such as C-CDAs. Learn More...


7. Program Management and Consultation for the VA/DOD Health Data Sharing (HDS BL) and ICIB

Learn More...


8. VLER Health Business Services Interoperability Specifications

We support terminology efforts needed for the business architecture specifications of the As-Is and To-Be states of the end to end data flows for interoperability. Learn More...

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9. Program Management Support and Communications

J P Systems is developing a needs assessment and communication plan to reach stakeholders and facilitate meetings.

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10. Standards Development Organization (SDO) Engagement

We provide highly specialized IT services for participating in Standards Development Organizations (SDOs) and report on working group activities. The SDOs monitored include SNOMED International and HL7. Learn More...

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11. LEGOs & Clinical Information System (CIS)/ Anesthesia Record Keepers ARK

J P Systems is responsible for creating LEGOs (Lightweight Expression of Granular Objects) Detailed Clinical Models (DCMs) to be reused across content areas, supporting new concept additions to the VA Extension. Learn More...

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12. User Acceptance Testing

J P Systems helps with User Acceptance Testing (UAT) AKA application testing, is a phase of software development in which the software is tested in a “real world environment” by the intended audience.

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13. Clinical Decision Support (CDS) Knowledge Artifacts (KNARTs)

Activities include the development of Knowledge Artifacts (KNARTs). Learn More...

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14. Terminology Planning and Program Support for Clinical Decision Support/ Knowledge Artifacts (KNARTs)

Activities include planning and program support for the development of Knowledge Artifacts (KNARTs) including meeting support, project management, artifact updates, operating procedure development, and terminology artifact lifecycle support. Learn More...