J P Systems, Inc.

Insurance FAQs

Who is eligible?
J P Systems offers medical insurance, vision insurance, dental insurance and life insurance for full time permanent employees.

When am I eligible to sign up for insurance benefits?
You are eligible the first of the month following the first full calendar month of employment. For example, if you start work on January 2nd, you are eligible March 1st. But if you start work on January 1st, you are eligible on February 1st. If you start work on February 11th, you are eligible on April 1st as March counts as the first full month of employment. If you start on February 1st, you are eligible on March 1st.

How do I sign up?
You will receive insurance applications from our HR website Bamboo HR, or from an HR representative.

Am I required to sign up for insurance?
No, you are not required to sign up for insurance. You are required to accept or decline health insurance coverage in writing. If you already have coverage, you can simply decline coverage on the health insurance application. The vision option is offered on the medical application. Life Insurance is a separate option.

How do I search for healthcare providers?
First, go to the provider search portal here. Search as a member by logging in, or as a guest without logging in. Then all employees must choose Virginia for the question “What state do you want to search in”, because J P Systems is based in Virginia (you will be able to search for providers in your area in the next page). Then select “Anthem KeyCare PPO" for the plan/network to search for medical providers. For the dental plan, select Anthem Dental and for vision, Blue View Vision. Review your ID card to determine which plan/network to select for dental and vision providers. The name of your network is located in the upper or lower right corner on the front of your ID card.

Who is covered under the insurance policy?
Only full time permanent employees are paid for as an employee benefit. J P Systems covers the full premium for its employees who are enrolled in the group health insurance program. Dependents may be added for an additional cost to the employee. Please contact HR for a custom quote for your dependents.

What about dependents? Can they be covered too?
Any legal dependents may be included on your policy. However, you will incur the cost through a payroll deduction. A no obligation quote for your dependents will be sent to you if requested. After evaluating the quote, you can decide if and who you would like to add to your policy.

What can I expect once I sign up?
Within about two weeks of your eligibility, your health insurance card(s) will come in the mail with a welcome letter explaining how to register yourself on the Anthem website. Anthem offers a mobile app called Anthem Anywhere. You can find it on the App Store or Google Play. It provides an electronic copy of your insurance card. Your dental cards will be mailed from the main office within a month’s time after enrollment. If you need your dental plan ID sooner, you may call Anthem Dental directly at 1-866-956-8607. The plan name is Dental Complete.

Is a summary of benefits available for the insurance plans?
Yes! Please contact HR for a summary of benefits for the plans.

What is open enrollment?
Open enrollment happens once a year in August before our annual plan renews each year on October 1st. You are allowed to change your insurance coverage options during this open enrollment period. Contact the HR Dept. for information on open enrollment.