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Those Mysterious Pay Check Stub Leave Totals

The leaves listed at the upper right of your paycheck stubs lists the YEAR TO DATE hours accrued and used for holidays, sick time and vacation. The figures shown use your hire anniversary date as the start of the year and are not calculated by the calendar year. If you are being paid for leave time on this pay check, this is shown down at the left under the Earnings Section. The leave year is set up this way as your vacation hours accrual rate will increase after certain anniversary dates. See the JPSYS Employee Manual's Paid Leave section for more information or email your HR representative.

Benefit Plan Information
Anthem Medical Plan

Anthem Medical Plan & Blue Vision Plan

After registering and logging in, follow the prompts to search for a provider, hospital or other facility in your state. If you are not in Virginia, check the box for the National Blue Card directory - not the one for your own state. Contact the provider and make sure the provider is currently in your network before making an appointment. Out of network providers will cost you more money.

Anthem offers special discounts for you. Login to Anthem.com for more information. Your Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield plan has special offers for you from partner firms for fitness centers, child safety products & hearing aids.

Anthem Dental
For information on your Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield Dental and Vision Plan: login to www.Anthem.com/mydentalvision. On this web site you can make inquiries on benefits and claims. You can also search for member dentists. The dental plan is separate from the major medical plan. Note: for dental care, make sure the procedure is covered BEFORE you have the procedure.

Anthem Life Insurance
Anthem Life Insurance Resource Advisor Anthem Life Insurance provides this resource site for help with the loss of a loved one, a library of personal concerns like stress , handling addiction, parenting, a depression screening tool, child and elder care provider finders, financial calculator tools, assistance with wills, living wills, and financial power of attorney assistance. For more information on your Anthem Life Insurance resources: Life Resource Advisor

2018 Holidays

New Year's Day

Monday, January 1

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Monday, January 15

President's Day

Monday, February 19

Memorial Day

Monday, May 28

Independence Day

Wednesday, July 4

Labor Day

Monday, September 3

Columbus Day

Monday, October 8

Veterans Day

Friday, November 12

Thanksgiving Day

Thursday, November 22

Christmas Day

Tuesday, December 25


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