J P Systems, Inc.

J P Systems, Inc.

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JPSys Fact Sheet

We provide Healthcare IT & business services. We specialize in requirements analysis, data architecture, medical terminologies and UML modeling.

JPSys Company Brochure

We are a force behind the information modeling of electronic health data for the VHA and the Federal Health Architecture (FHA).

Position for the Future

Our mission is to help you position your organization for the future of Healthcare IT and the exchange of clinical data with your partners.


JPSys Corp. Capabilities Summary

This is a two page corporate capabilities overview and a summary of our recent contracts.


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Corporate Capabilities

J P Systems, Inc.

Successful IT programs require the magic combination of technical talent, in depth client knowledge, equipment, time and budget. Success is tied to top quality talented managers as well. Our 34 years of experience qualifies us as your best choice to guide you through the complex challenges of IT and business architectures.